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Verification Process

Funding Process

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How It Works


Each claim that is submitted to ACF will need a completed Advance Request and Irrevocable Assignment/Reassignment Form:


  • Once your claim has been submitted to our office, you will receive a confirmation receipt indicating the name of your designated Case Manager and claim forms for the beneficiary to complete, IF NEEDED.
  • Your case manager will then contact the insurance company to verify the policy.
  • After contact has been made with the insurance company, your case manager will contact you with a status update.


  • Once the policy has been verified and we have all necessary documents, you will be funded by your preferred payment method.
  • Payment options are ACH, Overnight Check or Wire (wire fee applies).


  • After payment has been made to your firm, you will then mail back the original Irrevocable Assignment/Reassignment claim form (if required) and Certified Death Certificate. In the event the Certified Death Certificate is not readily available, please mail all of the other required documents to us and the Certified Death Certificate can be mailed to us once you have received it.

Our Forms

Links to Forms

If you need help with these forms,
please call us: (800) 296-5053 or
follow our Easy-to-Follow Guide

These forms require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. if You don't have the Acrobat Reader, click here:

Why Choose ACF?

Non-Recourse Policy

No Hidden Fees

You only pay the fee on the amount that you are assigning. There are no minimum fees or administrative fees charged.

Designated Case Manager

It is important to us to build relationships with our clients and not make them feel as though they are just another
customer, because of that we designate one case manager to your firm.

Cash Advances to the Beneficiary

ACF will advance funds to the beneficiary as long as the insurance company allows cash advances. (*some restrictions apply)

Free Training & Education

Understanding our process & how we can help your business become successful is key to our relationship with your company. We provide training document packets, conduct phone & online training sessions and even come to your business to personally train your staff.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer 3 EASY methods of payments, ACH Deposit, Wire Transfer or Overnight Check. You decide how you want it!

No Postage Costs to You

Pre-paid envelopes provided to you to send all original documents to our office.